Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I Voted. I Won't Die.

I voted yesterday. I am proud of that. P. Diddy will not kill me now. That's not true for all of my friends. I called to tell them 'Goodbye' yesterday because I was certain that P. Diddy was going to round up a posse and go out and kill all of the young non-voters. That's what the shirt says. Vote or Die, Beyotch. It must be true.

This was the first presidential election that I voted in. I was able to vote four years ago but realized on voting day that I was not registered in the city where my college was located. I realize now that that was no excuse. Over the past few months I kept hearing how this election was the most important election in a long time. How this election could possibly be the most important election in people's lifetimes. Honestly, I didn't buy it . I didn't see how this one was any different than the one four years ago. However, something clicked yesterday while I was standing in line at my polling place and while I was watching the news last night. This election is huge! Whoever wins this thing (and I'm reading right now that it is Bush) will win with a tiny margin of victory. So tiny. That means that the winner will have about half of the voting population who thinks that they should not be in power. They will have to attempt to win over half of the voting public in the next four years. That seems crazy to me. This election is so devisive. Is that a good thing? I don't think so. What will the affects be from an election that pretty much splits the population down the middle? I guess we will see.

But no matter what the outcome, I loved what I felt yesterday as I was walking into the voting place. I loved feeling like I was fulfilling my civic duty. I loved that there was a line. I loved that everyone in that line was different. I loved that Florida seemed to get it right this time. I loved that there seems to be an overwhelming interest in this election that has not been seen in a while. I love that I am a part of that. I love that even though we all can't agree on the political issues, we can agree that voting itself is important and crucial. Some people say that it doesn't matter and that their votes do not count. I can see how they think this. The electoral college is a little antiquated, but in a small way, your vote does count. And even if your state's electoral votes go to the other guy, at least you let your voice be heard. At least you have the right to complain if you don't like the way the other guy is running the place.

Son of a bee sting, this sounds so idealistic. I have to be idealistic though. P. Diddy is out killing some of my friends.


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